The Boo - hoo bag :(

Peek - a - boo bag - Fendi

Peek-a-boo bags have waiting lists now
I should have gotten the bag I wanted when I first saw it in Kuwait :(
I hate the (think about it) method. If you like it, get it, there is no thinking about it, coz after that you will be obsessed with it.

Now any peek-a-boo in Fendi boutique is only for you to see and place an order, wait 3 months and you get it, ela el moda ray7a.

Anyways ... I'm going to search for my forever bag (forever meaning 2 - 3 years max) and I will never give up until I find it.


Summer said…
get hermes.. that bag will stay with u forever!
Me Blogging said…
I don't like Hermes
I want this one
Anonymous said…
Just got back from Paris.
They had the bag to buy, call them and ask them to send it to you.
You can also ask for a custom one it takes for 6 weeks only, via Fendi boutique in Selfridges,London.
My sister only waited 4 weeks and got black leather with Fushia from the inside.

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