AiZone is now open at the Avenues phase 2
I thought Aishti will be opening not AiZone
Ma kan ako shay 7ilo

Aishti was there too, but I didn't see the other sign, and when I went in they were all the same
(el ma7alain mafto7een 3ala ba3ath)
Thanx Pure


Pure said…
hmm i thought both fta7aw.. cuz 248am's post says both of them are open.. which i thought was weird bas he took a pic..
Me Blogging said…
ee wallah
I didn't notice the other sign (Aishti)
from the inside they all look the same
joy said…
have u checked the fur its amazing there
Me Blogging said…
ohhh yes,you are right

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