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AiZone is now open at the Avenues phase 2 I thought Aishti will be opening not AiZone Ma kan ako shay 7ilo
Update: Aishti was there too, but I didn't see the other sign, and when I went in they were all the same (el ma7alain mafto7een 3ala ba3ath) Thanx Pure


Nino has maki rolls

Gettin over

My favorite song for this week ... you need to turn the volume up to really enjoy it.

I Love Suzani's first exhibition

(I love Suzani) will be exhibiting her furniture, pillows and home accessories for the first time at The Exhibition (next to slider station) on the 4th and 5th of November. From 10:00 - 1:00 and from 5:00 - 10:00.

More pictures of the fashion show

We came late, my aunts were visiting, so we only saw Fortune Cookie's show,

uhhhhh you look gorgeous Inga (the model)

I don't think this dress is from Fortune Cookie, is it??? help us out Arooja

The keys to the secret closet...

Necklace sewed on the shirt, comes with earings , 20 KD
come to think of it, why didn't I get myself one???? :(

The secret pants

Now let see what Samar's Art Boutique got...

Samar, love you girl, you always make me laugh

this should be a BlackBerry case, but I made it a camera case , both from Sama's art

Scarf from fortune cookie Link

(My secret closet) owner was kind enough to give us this lovely tea leaf spoon

Karizma Fashion Show

Today was the Opening of (My Secret Closet) Boutique at Karizma (in front of Amiri Hospital)

More pictures to come tomorrow ...

Live DJ

Got this be email today Hey Girls, You are invited to our first fashion show with our unique winter collection, great atmosphere and a live DJ at karzima next to Alamiry Hospital
This is an Event You Don't Want to Miss!!
Hope to see you there
Today the 28th of October
From 7 .00 PM to 9.30 PM
For more info you can call : 94018600
Fortune Cookie Boutique Team Secret Closet Boutique is part of this fashion show too I heard they are going to play techno music ... wohooooo

Messy dresser

And I call myself a girl ... huh


GGG = GAGA in GOSSIP GIRL I adooooooooooore Lady GaGa Link

My secret Closet

Got this by email today ...

Basmeti Q8ya Event

This going to be a long post full of picture... enjoy

Basmeti Q8ya is an event that took place in Al-Raya Ballroom today, and will continue tomorrow from 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm. It gathered all young Kuwaitis to present their small businesses and projects.

I loved that round pouch, but it was too tiny, I thought it was bigger than that

Calonge Tel: 965 - 97442233 Address: Hawalli - Bin Khaldoun Street - Al-Bouraq Complex - Mizzanine 2 Link

Taiba Alroumi Mobile: 97377949

Energy Bar for energy drinks and soda - refresh yourself Abdulaziz Al-Thunayan Abdullah Al-Sadhan Saud Al-Sager Tel: +965 5554 2223 email: they also have a facebook group I had a mojito ... hmmmmm yummy

Fashion Story Mobile: 99 133 501 Telphone: 25 313 181 Address: Jabriya - Opp. machine check - near by Farah Rest. email:

Fuchsia - BlackBerry accessories - liked the display

Green Target Company delivers un-needed paper to specialized companies in order to recycle it. Now they are pr…