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We are leaving


Our vacation begins today. We will be going to France first then to Barcelona for 4 days then back to france again.
So excited to sleep in my white room, I'm trying as hard as I can to own everything white.
Picture: the view from my room


Anonymous said…
ana el OLAAA

7emdlaah 3la salamaah

inshalah tstamt3oon ;]

fatoma =D.
Anonymous said…
enshallah two9lon bel salama : )
tadren ena elbait eli em '3a6itha elshayra baitna : >
Faith said…
tw9loon belsalaama ya rab
kel 3am wa enti b5air

yalla picz picz picz plz ;D
shahrazad said…
Trace Du Geneve !! sa7?
sun shine said…
بسلامة انشالله و هلله هلله بالتقارير الحلوة
سؤال ؟؟ شلون جو سويسرا شهر عشرة :)
Anonymous said…
have fun o dont forget ur readers
updates and pix plz :)
joy said…
enjoy it my dear :
fereej said…
teroo7en o teredeen belsalama
Om MoD said…
حبيبتي حمد الله عالسلامة ...

وكل عام وانتي بخير..

إنشاء الله تقضون أوقات سعيده ...,المنظر أكثر من رائع ..

موفقين يارب :)
Anonymous said…
p.s: view FROM my room
IN my room
كل عام وانتي بخير يارب..

وتقبل الله طاعتج ..

وعيدج مبارك..

وتروحين وتردين بالسلامه يارب..

وعطله ممتعه ان شاءالله..
Anonymous said…
3ad enas e6awfoon 3adi saga6at sahwan @@ In FROM elmohem wo9al el ma3na
Me Blogging said…
hahahha sa7 view from my room, imagine the view is in my room :) GmbH

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