Spin art

Art (2)

On my cousin's birthday the kids made these lovely colorful designs using a spinning art machine, where they drop paint on a spinning paper and create original art. Each one is unique I love them all, I just can't stop looking at them.

Art (4)

Art (5)

Art (6)
So they will not go to waste I decided to patch them all up in one large frame where I can look at them all the time.

Art (8)

Art (9)

Art (13)


Anonymous said…
I like !! very creative mashalaa :)
Unknown said…
alla wanasa! bs shloun what kind of machine is it?
Love Moments said…
3ad knt adawer hlalwan 7ag 9alte :p~
joy said…
i adored it wow vwey nice
Anonymous said…
Faith said…
You’re right.. feels like you just wanna stare at them endlessly.. all those colors are so cheerful :)
faisal said…
وايد حلو ....بس يدوخ :)
Anonymous said…
who was the party planner?
Me Blogging said…
it is a machine where it holds the paper and it spins,it was provided with the company that came to organize the birthday


I don't remember the party planner name
Anonymous said…
could u please try to find out for me?
Me Blogging said…
the party planner's name is Fun Zone
Call madame tania for more information : 24343622
Anonymous said…
thank u very much :)

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