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D&G Bag

I liked this red bag from D&G but didn't find it in their online store, they have it only in gold (see first picture in the middle)

Searched Luisa via roma and found 2 satin bags covered with crystals uhhhhhhh
Don't know if I want satin!!!! Anyways it was pre-order - arrival in September 30th, which means I won't be in Kuwait at that time, if I find it in Geneva and it looks good in reality I might take it.

D&G bag 2

D&G bag
photo source:
2 Ad pictures taken from Elle magazine Sep. issue
other 2 satin bags taken from Luisa via roma web site


7aneen said…
the key hole reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, madre laish.. yshaweg !
Me Blogging said…
Yesterday I was telling my friend the same thing
I want the bag because it remindes me of Alice in wonderland
huh :)
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