shoes small

My cousin brought her clothes and stuff into my little studio and we spent 2 hours photo shooting, it was fun and specially when we played with the brightness and contrast of the shoots.


joy said…
nice i like it wayed
looks fancy
Sn3a said…
7abbait l 9ora
7aneen said…
woooooohooooo t3aaaaqid el sora mashalla ! mooo sej !

show us more
Faith said…
That’s it Me, I’m deciding for you and you gotta make a living out of this hobby.

plz show us more photos ;)
نمووول said…
جميل جميل
والزيبرا نقدر نستخدمه كخامه
تسلم دياتكم
p2bk said…
Luv those givenchy spring 09 shoes!!! pulled em off!
Bahrain Fashion said…
Hot heels!! And the image is amazing.

Sounds like fun xD
Anonymous said…
waayed 7elwa el pic :)

M3laih ts2leen ur czn shesm hal rolex w ay model ? please :)

Me Blogging said…
it's called Rolex Daytona

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