On my wish list


Unknown said…
me 2! i saw it in the fashion show and fell in luv ever sine ;p
L.B.T said…
im waiting for this 2 lol
cooool colour :P
Anonymous said…
Don't you tink you are silly ??? Do the peole have to know your wish list ??!!
Anonymous said…
Are you an alien ???? GREEEEEEEEN ??!! @@
Me Blogging said…
waaaihhhhh shda3waaaaa, lee hathe el daraja 7aratkoom!!!!
yes I want people to know because some people share the same intrest as mine. for example if I didn't this nail polish they will tell me where to look.

Anonymous 2:
hmmmmm, never thought of it? Elien, niceeee :)
I might be ;p
Anonymous said…
7aratna 3ala sheno ????!!!! kelena en3aref eli et3arfena etha entay tarkethen wara hal ashya2 ana to9al li 3endi bye C Ya :D
Me Blogging said…
yallah zain
3alaich bel 3afya
أفراح said…
الله حلو لونه أنا بعد أبي سوي حسابي اذا لقيتيه

بقول شي حق اللي توصلها أغراضها لعندها الله يعينج على روحج ترا الغيرة والحرة سبايب :)
Anonymous said…
anonymous :
7abeebty etha silly !! o kil shay eyeey li 3indich lesh yaaya li 3indina ? !!!
gi3day fi betkom o estansay bely 3indich chenich m3ageda ! hehe

hathy min ely tsmo3oon 3anhom esamonhom elmaratha !!

Me Blogging :
I share the same intrest as you 7ubi :**

min bent bombay ;)

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