Ibrah's Replica

Ibrah replica 1

Yes ...

what you are looking at right now is a replica of Ibrah's headbands :)


Ibrah replica 2

Our dear friend H saw these the other day in Al-Blokat (Fabric Market in Kuwait), she was so shocked that she forgot to ask how much they were. You should have seen the look on my sister's face, eyes wide open @@
Surprisingly she was happy that she is being imitated, but the question is: how did they know about her headbands? Did they see picture of them?

Ibrah Replica - detail

Ibrah ... my sister, is thinking of buying it and investigating the matter... I'll tell you all about it enshallah :)


Faith said…
Sooo obvious how poorly made.

I love the ones ur sis made hope we see new designs of hers soon inshalla.
joy said…

u r in kuwait people cant stop imitating others they just cant

bas believe me ur sis stuff is more and much pretier than this wayed and better quality
tell us how much it was when u go there :)
RoOra said…
fe group belfb w7da tswee the same ;)
7aneen said…
AMBAII ! AYshay !

Bes tara its such a compliment to ur sis ;)
DoDoq8 said…
شكله بالبلوكات

ماخلو شي هذول
لحظه said…
I think your sis ma a~7tar3at althara shofy mawqe3 etsy.com klha swalif your sis.ma la da3y tst~3rebain
Me Blogging said…
enshallah you will see new designs

thanx joy

ohhh do tell us about the one in facebook, what is her name?

indeed it is a compliment

ee bel blokat

sa7 ma ekhtar3at ethara
o ana mo mestaghreba, bes eshay eytha7ek
o site etsy en3arfa
kila handmade stuff
Anonymous said…
3aaadiiiii hathy elQ8 lilasaf !!
7ata hendi elblokat be9er designer ??

agool la7tha !!!
la7tha shway hehe hadayy !!!
ethaher entay ma et3arfen etkalmen !!! shofay ana ba3almich !!
egolon mashalaah wala 3afya 3aleeeha ..
ana law amoot ma agdar asawi chthy !!!
chthy etgolen ..3araftay !!

bent bombay

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