Ibrah bought the replica






See how poorly it is made

Below is the conversation that went between the salesman and my sister (from now on I'm going to call her Ibrah)

Ibrah: where did you get this headband from?
Salesman: we got it from a a salesman, you can find it in other shops
Ibrah: what salesman? Did you make this?
Salesman: we made this from a catalogue
Ibrah: don't lie to me, I make these headbands, there is no catalogue. How much for one headband?
Salesman: 3.5 KD
Ibrah: I will take it for 1 KD
Salesman: noooo , I give you 2 for 4 KD
Ibrah: who says I want 2 I said 1

At the end she got it for 1.5 KD and she went to all the shops near by, no one has them.


7aneen said…

the finishing .. it will give me a week of nightmares..

What kind of a joke is that .. seriously ?? people are expected to pay money for that ?!

It looks like a 5 year old did it .. .. with their toes..

Bes they sure did copy Ibrah's headbands !
faisal said…
i don't think u can do any thing about it legally ,can u?
Unknown said…
tagleeed bo 6aga ba3ad !
Me Blogging said…
ee misakeen :)

laa wee shda3wa
we are happy aslan that they copied Ibrah.

eee :)
joy said…
ur sis ma et3aref etkasir
lazim kam a5er
a5er kam
kam a5er
a5er kam
bas walla embayen inna mooo shai tagleeed hom abadan malat 3alihom
Anonymous said…
It's not like its an original design anyways.. urs or the one from the Blokaat.. I'm sure u'll see this 7araka all over the world..
Me Blogging said…
it is an original design

Laish where have u seen it before???
Unknown said…
that must have been infuriating!!!

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