Hoss Boutique is now OPEN


Hoss (1)

Hoss (2)

Hoss (3)

We went to the avenues today in the afternoon, I thought the place will be empty, specially phase 2 but there were lots of people shopping at that time, I think most of them are looking for Eid outfits.

Hoss Boutique is at the Avenues Mall (Phase 2) next to Patchi


Om MiMi! said…
how it was ? fe ashya 7lwa??
Me Bloggging said…
wallah zain
we bought like 2 dresses and one cardigane
Unknown said…
abey arou7 bs i don't have time!
what's the price range?
Me Blogging said…
the price range is between 80-200KD
Anonymous said…
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