Broche (2)


New broches collection by Ibrah, now available at Melange Boutique at 360 Mall


Anonymous said…
MAshaaaallaaah ! sh'3elha wayed 7elw ! w mratab !! !
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
its the first time i see ur sister's headbands in real! i read about them in a few blogs plus seen them on pick ur tag for sale.
but when i visited Melange Boutique at 360 Mall and saw them! i was disappointed! they didnt reach up to the standard i had in mind! plus they dont look as good as they look in pictures. Sorry to say the finishing isn't that great.
Me Blogging said…
Price: around 10 - 12 KD

and last anonymous:
rayech is appreciated
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: the eye catching thing in Ibrah's work is clean clean FINISHING ! i never sow any finishing like that ! it's opposite to all the hair band claiming girls who does them by glue gun and fathers from blockaat ! .. i'm sure what u sow was not Ibrah's .. i can understand that the designs yemken ma ta3jb all but the finishing no waay ! anyways el naaS athwaaQ
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahahahaha ma3alesh
أفراح said…
وااايد حلوين البروشات كل شغلج حلو يا حلوه
واللي قالت انصدمت مسكينة من شغل التيجان يمكن وعليه نظرها ضعيف
Anonymous said…
شغل رائع و رحت 360 و شفتة عل الواقع..شغل ابره كلة ذوق و ترتيب

..بس ياريت يكون في quality control
لتفادي اي شى يمكن ياثر على مستوى التيجان..على سبيل المثال الصمغ يفضل انه ما يبان...بس اجمالا الشغل رائع احسن من القرقيعان اللي نشوفة بالمعارض...يعني لو شايفتة في باريس او نيويورك ما افرق انه شغل محلي...

يعطيكم العافية و منها الى الاعلى :)
Faith said…
Maashaalla how precise her work is. I wanna come to q8 :(

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