view - Arts Hotel

We just arrived in Barcelona, and we are getting ready to explore.
The past couple days I couldn't write to you guys because there was no Internet connection at home, the Internet provider company is very bad in France, they need like 2 weeks to install the thing.
I came to Barcelona thinking "Finally I'm going to have Internet connection" brought every single charger I own and forgot to bring my laptop charger.... offfff I hate it when that happens , so no blogging till god knows when.

Arts Hotel 640

Picture no.1 : view from our room
Picture no. 2: our room


Anonymous said…
terj3on bil salama :)
fereej said…
belsalama o la tenseen rambla st
أفراح said…
حبيبتي استانسي واستمتعي بكل وقتج
وترجعين بالسلامة
سلميلي على أختج وايد
Hend said…
We will miss you :D Have fun :)
Anonymous said…
Nice room and nice view
which hotel is this one
have fun
Akhmad the terroist lool
Sn3a said…
ma sha allah 3ala hal ne3am

o treddon bel salama
Me Blogging said…
thanx all

Fereej: we have been every where, pictures are coming enshalah

Faroo7: yosal enshalah

Akhmad: mawatni min ethe7ik 3ala akhmad the terrorist :)
The hotel is Arts Hotel

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