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We just arrived in Barcelona, and we are getting ready to explore. The past couple days I couldn't write to you guys because there was no Internet connection at home, the Internet provider company is very bad in France, they need like 2 weeks to install the thing. I came to Barcelona thinking "Finally I'm going to have Internet connection" brought every single charger I own and forgot to bring my laptop charger.... offfff I hate it when that happens , so no blogging till god knows when. Picture no.1 : view from our room Picture no. 2: our room

We are leaving

Akheeeran Our vacation begins today. We will be going to France first then to Barcelona for 4 days then back to france again. So excited to sleep in my white room, I'm trying as hard as I can to own everything white. Picture: the view from my room

I Love Suzani

Check out (I Love Suzani) furniture collection at Hadeya Station Link

Bags For Charity

Big Bag NohaNoor the kuwaiti fashion designer is raising money for the non-governmental charitable organisation, Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital ( KAACH ) Big bag for 15 KD Mini bag for 5 KD email her with the size and color of bag you want and she will deliver it to your door email: Blog: Link Facebook group: Link Picture taken from NohaNoor's facebook group Mini Bag

Spin art

On my cousin's birthday the kids made these lovely colorful designs using a spinning art machine, where they drop paint on a spinning paper and create original art. Each one is unique I love them all, I just can't stop looking at them. So they will not go to waste I decided to patch them all up in one large frame where I can look at them all the time.


New broches collection by Ibrah, now available at Melange Boutique at 360 Mall

On my wish list


I'm gonna call it iRadio

OHHHH MYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOD iPod nano has RADIO. It's like a dream come true, just the other day I was telling my friends how bored I am from the songs I have on my iPod, I don't have time to download music, but now, with radio, no need to be bored again :) There is an amazing feature in it that lets you pause when listening to radio with a click. Huh just what I want Not only that you can even shoot high-quality video with your nano Pedometer, do you know what does that mean???? it keeps track of your steps woooooooow perfect for me when I go walking Learn more Link picture taken from: Apple web site

We are moving

It is packing dayyyyyy ... wohooooooo ...We are moving to a new building next week, so we had to pack all our things today. The good thing is we had to leave early so the workers can move our stuff to the new offices ..... 7adiiiiii excited, they say we have a sea view. I'm gonna miss my colleagues (pigeons) In this picture you see my colleague sunbathing (for like 5 sec.) I think her wings were wet at the moment

Snow white and Apple

Stickers sold at by Vinylville for $14


The New D&G perfumes are out now at Vavavoom. I didn't like them, nothing new about them. Maybe # 10 is kind of huh acceptable. D&G Ads Link I LOVE George Michael's song Freedom , the one featured in the Ad. I can't stop listening to it LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT ahhhh and don't forget Too Funky song too

Me like Igor + Andre blog

Danny Roberts is a young artist who has a blog that he posts his work on every now and then, most of his art work revolves around models and fashion. I love how he draws circles on his subject's face (his trade mark). Now he has a lot of art projects and collaborations with companies, good luck Danny on that. He also draws bloggers that he likes and finds them inspirational, like my favorite blogger Jane of Sea of Shoes (picture above) Danny's blog: Igor + Andre Picture taken from Danny's blog

Hoss Boutique is now OPEN

We went to the avenues today in the afternoon, I thought the place will be empty, specially phase 2 but there were lots of people shopping at that time, I think most of them are looking for Eid outfits. Hoss Boutique is at the Avenues Mall (Phase 2) next to Patchi


My cousin brought her clothes and stuff into my little studio and we spent 2 hours photo shooting, it was fun and specially when we played with the brightness and contrast of the shoots.

Ibrah bought the replica

See how poorly it is made Below is the conversation that went between the salesman and my sister (from now on I'm going to call her Ibrah) Ibrah: where did you get this headband from? Salesman: we got it from a a salesman, you can find it in other shops Ibrah: what salesman? Did you make this? Salesman: we made this from a catalogue Ibrah: don't lie to me, I make these headbands, there is no catalogue. How much for one headband? Salesman: 3.5 KD Ibrah: I will take it for 1 KD Salesman: noooo , I give you 2 for 4 KD Ibrah: who says I want 2 I said 1 At the end she got it for 1.5 KD and she went to all the shops near by, no one has them.

Ibrah's Replica

Yes ... what you are looking at right now is a replica of Ibrah's headbands :) bel3arabe TAGLEEEEEED Our dear friend H saw these the other day in Al-Blokat (Fabric Market in Kuwait), she was so shocked that she forgot to ask how much they were. You should have seen the look on my sister's face, eyes wide open @@ Surprisingly she was happy that she is being imitated, but the question is: how did they know about her headbands? Did they see picture of them? Ibrah ... my sister, is thinking of buying it and investigating the matter... I'll tell you all about it enshallah :)

Shop D&G store

I liked this red bag from D&G but didn't find it in their online store , they have it only in gold (see first picture in the middle) Searched Luisa via roma and found 2 satin bags covered with crystals uhhhhhhh Don't know if I want satin!!!! Anyways it was pre-order - arrival in September 30th, which means I won't be in Kuwait at that time, if I find it in Geneva and it looks good in reality I might take it. photo source: 2 Ad pictures taken from Elle magazine Sep. issue other 2 satin bags taken from Luisa via roma web site

Pictures of Oleana Boutique

Got some pictures for you of the adorable new place of Oleana Boutique in Shuwaikh - free trade zone and here you have their cute Gergai3an dresses (above) is my favorite Oleana has a blog Link pictures taken by owner

Olean moved to a new location

I hate it when I miss reading my emails on (me blogging account) Sorry Oleana for not posting this earlier, Oleana Boutique moved to a new location in Shuwaikh Free trade zone, next to Al Mulla Group, and they had an event on the 30th of August celebrating the new store. The event included gerge3an dresses for girls by Oleana as well as Gergean treats and trays from November and Rullart. I hope they are still available. Contact: 67766898.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Loved it :) For this fall's trend, do it yourself sequined tights, see detail LINK

Eid collection

Don't miss Fortune Cookie's new collection Location: Karizma - Sharq - Opposite AMIRI Hospital Contact: + 965 - 94018600 picture taken from Fortune Cookie Boutique (facebook account) GmbH