Zoooooqa il menu il neon

BlackBerry (3)

This is my friend's BlackBerry, loved the menu? here is the Link to download it

P.S.: (Zooooqa) is the word my friend E always uses when she likes something.

UPDATE: Just so you know ...A blogger called iLSuL6ana have downloaded the neon theme, and it made her BB work slower.


Anonymous said…
raw3a mashallah :)
But i don't have a blackberry :P
Faith said…
neon colors and you still didn't download it? huh!!!
Anonymous said…
E told me that it makes the BB a little bit slow, and I can't handle slow even if it was neon :)
Anonymous said…
7ada 3ajeeeeb bs il link ma yshteghel
DoDoq8 said…
wnasa abee the link is not working with me


wayed 7lwooo
Fereej said…
eljehaz ebkubra fashel :)
Me Blogging said…
sorry guys, 3adalta, now you can check the link

and Fereej: shakilha tajroba mareera ma3a il Black Berry

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