The worst lunch ever

cuts (1)

cuts (2)

Have you ever seen a restaurant located between the rooms of a Hotel? Well Cuts is this restaurant. A Brazilian res. that we wanted to try out for lunch today, it's in Movenpick Hotel - Free Trade Zone (Recommended by my brother)


How nice, they are only serve dinner


We had no choice but to go to their other restaurant Al denete (Italian -also in the hotel).

They had the worst Pizza ever, I ate 2 pieces and that's it, can't eat no more. Mit7asfa 3ala flosi :(


Anonymous said…
you have to go back and try the cuts, wallah 3jeeeeeeeb, i ate in it in 2007 when they first opened and still i talks about it.... but try to not eat all day before you go for dinner, 3shan you eat 3dal...
والله يعوض عليج فلوسج و عليج بالعافية
joy said…
i dont take guys openion in food !! o thank u i always wanted to go bas hawant wafarty meshwar o te3knin 3alai :*

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