The result


Not what I expected ... There is no big difference between the two.

Then again, maybe this is not silver.

Our housekeeper suggested to add lemon to the mixture of vinegar and bacing soda, see the



you were right Fastidious and Breeze, Lemon is the answer. It took us only 5 minutes to clean it

up, just soak and rub.


Anonymous said…
;p 3jeb
Faith said…
Are you sure it’s not silver?
I take bunch of my silver stuff to some jewelry store. and after 10 minutes they give them to me brand new sparkling like I just bought them. You can find the liquid they use for silver cleaning in any supermarket but I was told it’s not safe to use it home.
Me Blogging said…
I don't know what they are made of, coz I got them from those shops in Mubarakiya where they sell Afghani dresses and material, I got 2 cuffs for 10 KD, u think it is silver?

and sure I could have got the liquid silver cleaner, but I wanted to try something new:)
Faith said…
Use a piece of magnet.. if it’s attracted to the magnet then it's defiantly not silver. But if it wasn’t attracted to magnet it won’t prove its’ real silver either ;D
The color looks totally silver to me and the way it’s rusted as well.
the boudoir. said…
This post is really helpful! Thanx for the great tips and to those who helped u:)

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