Ramadan Kareem

Today is the 5th day of Ramadan, It has been a busy week, and work is exhausting, can't wait for tomorrow to come. How are you guys and how is Ramadan with you?
Yesterday we went to Marina,I bought lots of stuff from By Malene Birger (Fall collection is out now) Zara and Oysho. I would love to show you what I got but I'm tired to take pictures, next time enshallah. Below is the only thing I took a picture of...

Zara bag (1)

Zara bag (2)

Cute sequined bag from Zara, don't let the picture fools you, it's a very small bag, fits a BB and some small objects like lipstick or keys.


Faith said…
very cute

wa kel 3am wa enti b5air :)

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