Pink or Black ... at Pick Your Tag

Remember the necklace that I made for my friend? the one inspired by Lanvin?

well now it is available at Pick Your Tag .com

Balls Necklace

Balls Necklace 2

Pick your color ...

pink? or Black?


Faith said…

Gotta ask you, do you or your sis have a fashion degree or something? Cuz those designs mashalla look really classy and chic.
Me Blogging said…
no we don't have any degree :)
we just love fashion, well maybe I love fashion more than my sister, she likes crafts and stuff
Anonymous said…
you guys ur work is cool n everything thing but my God ur prices...... eshda3waaa!!
if I were u i would reevaluate the prices
Me Blogging said…
give us an idea, how much did you expect this neacklace to be?
RoOra said…
neon green
or orange with gold pearl bekOn rw3a;D

bs mashalah 7da 3jeb
oO i think we can wear black and pink together?;D
Anonymous said…
to be fair to u n ur sister :) I asked ( showed them the pix) my friends n family and the magic nuber was 8KD actually 10 out of 12 said 8KD is the right price
I hoped i was a help ;)
Anonymous said…
Me Blogging said…
yes green and orange will be lovely, but there is no gold balls

woow thanx for the effort of asking 12 ppl, we will think about it next time :)
joy said…
eyanin mashallah o i know in real ba3ad a7la
mashalla mashalla teslam eed ibrah :)
joy said…
eyanin mashallah o i know in real ba3ad a7la
mashalla mashalla teslam eed ibrah :)
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Me Blogging said…
shino hatha
wallah elwa7ed yeshoof ashya' 3ajeeba ghareeb abel comments

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