I hate sleeping early


Today I was 1 minute late for work
I hate it when they send me a notification via email, I feel like a child.
offffffff that means I have to change my sleeping habits.
Byeee guys I'm going to sleep now :(


shoosh said…
u work in govermental sector? :) where?
shoosh said…
by the way am addict 2ur blog ! I have2 check them every day ! Even from my mobil :) good luck sis
Me Blogging said…
no, private :)
in some where faaaar ... faaar away :p
Faith said…
1 min late????

They sent you a notice for being 1 min late?? What the ...
Me Blogging said…
well faith we should be there at 7:30, so they give us an extra 10 minutes , meaning 7:40 is ok, but after that you are late
fereej said…
eldawam lelllllaaaaah

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