I hate organic food

Bakin Tray

Baking tray 2

Confashion posted about a new place called The Baking Tray, so tonight my friends and I went there to check it out. Everything they serve is organic, totally not my thing. I tried a coffee cheese cake, it was horrible. I also had a lemonade with honey in it instead of sugar, uhhh I hate natural ingredients.

But the place looks amazing and I loved the atmosphere in there, I really had a great girl’s night out.

Baking tray 3

We sat here


Principessa said…
hahaha I hate organic food too :p
Faith said…
I wish you took few shots of the food.. some times it looks so good I forget about the taste ;D
Sn3a said…
yalla l mohem kanat tajreba
bel3afya anyway
Anonymous said…
Where is it located ?
i hate organic food too :S
Anonymous said…
do u even know what organic food means to hate it!!
Me Blogging said…
confashino took some photo's you can check her blog.

yes it was

before Dasman Complex beshway
you know where is Saso and Q cafe?
there in this area
but it's on the other side of these cafes

Yes, food that is good for your body but has no taste. Hate it.
joy said…
sa7teeen 7ita ana ma7eb organic foood :P
Anonymous said…
thats your definition for organic food!!
Me Blogging said…
:) yes this is my definition
what is your definition? if you are the same anonymous
p2bk said…
i actually liked it..try their quiche..i luved the ceiling!
DaughterMoon said…
Although some time has passed and anon never gave you an answer, I'll respond. Organic actually has more flavor because it hasn't been leached of it's nutrients by chemicals. Don't blame the food just because someone doesn't know how to prepare it properly. To some cooks, they take healthy cooking to an extreme and sometimes the results are less than delicious (and of course the same can be said for taking non-healthy food to disgusting extremes).

Organic simply means plants raised with natural pesticides and herbicides rather than chemical and toxic. When it pertains to animals, it means they were raised without antibiotics and growth hormones. Other things can be added to this, like free range and grass fed (no cow, for example, evolved to eat a diet of corn. It makes them sick and necessitates the use of things like antibiotics).

So you see, there is nothing in organic farming and ranching that makes the food taste bad. It's better for you and for the planet. You just need to go to a place with a good chef... or make it yourself! :)

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