I did it

Necklace by Ibrah

Necklace by Ibrah (5)

I got the background to be white :) finally.
I know I know some of you will say it's not completely white, but at least now I know that by time I can get it fixed. I played with something called the (fstop) in the camera and something next to it, my problem is solved.
In picture: Necklace by Ibrah (meaning, my sister)


Faith said…
Maa shalla your sister is really talented. Her stuff are always neat and well trimmed.

Oh and your photo came nice too except I’ve honestly never spotted a flaw in your photos before you get the flashes. did you really need them!
DoDoq8 said…

توني ادري اني شغل اختج لاني ذيك اليوم بالصدفه كنت ابيت كريزما وشفت عرضكم وتذكرتج دايم تتكلمين عنها بالبلوق :)
joy said…
good for u the pin backround wasnt that noo bas mashalla ur sis ibrah amazing work mashallah tif tif tif
send her my regards :)
Anonymous said…
i want the necklace how?
Me Blogging said…
ohh yes she is talented :)

Yah I neede them to photograph large stuff mt old lights are small


wesal el regards :)
ma fahamt shino gasdech fee pin

you have to wait and see :) this is not all :)
Me Blogging said…
Joy :

it is ($5,000.00) I copied it from the link :p

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