The gift

Our friend B just gave birth to a lovely baby boy. To celebrate this event my sister made her a creative gift. First I'm going to show you the box she made then you will see the gift. She got this flower idea from a tutorial blog called Folding Trees , where it teaches you how to create stuff from paper.

Gift Box 1

Gift Box 2

Gift Box 4

Gift Box 5

Gift Box 7

Now the gift ...

The gift 1

The gift 3

2 lamps , one smaller than the other, the small one has on it the baby's name and the other has the family's name. The names are laser cut.
Congrats B, hope you liked it :)


Faith said…
that's SoooOo Awesome maashalla
Anonymous said…
mashallah 3alaiha ur sis. she is really talented. god bless her hands.

not to mention ur photos , really surprised how u r improving , check ur first posts pictures and check this post , u have drameticly improved.
Mishary said…
Sij sij sij creative !! I'm speechless esara7aa !
Me Blogging said…
Thank you all for your encouraging words :)
7aneen said…
OMG i looove it ?? How did you write the name? Are those lamps min IKEA ?
Me Blogging said…
7aneen china fashla lebnaya t3aref shlon msaweenha :p
Let's hope she doesn't check the comments
yes they are from Ikeaand we did the namein Dasman Complex
Fajer said…
i like/love it
.. mashallah ..why dont ur sis do classes.. some art craft classes

count me in :)
Anonymous said…
beautiful box! Ur sis is an artist mashallah <3

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