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Fortune Cookie 640 - 2

Fortune Cookie 640

Today I went to Fortune Cookie Boutique to check out their Ramadan collection of dresses. I didn't know which one to choose from all the colors and patters they have. and after BBM-ing my sis. those are the ones I got (pictures above). I loved how the sleeves are puffed in the yellow dress, like Dolce's and LV's sleeves for this season.

P.S.: They are short dresses

Fortune Cookie Boutique is in front of Ameeri Hospital in sharq area


Anonymous said…
malboos el3afya :)
fereej said…
el-alwan 7elwa
Bahrain Fashion said…
Vibrant colors. I like the embroidery :)
star said…
3alich bil 3afya :)
joy said…
3alich bel3afya bel3afya 7abeet ha :)
Anonymous said…
really really nice dara3a's

i really liked not only ur dara3a , but how u photographed them , the seceond pic. is PERFECT , the first one u needed to fill more light min na7yat el katafat.

but u r talnted :)
Me Blogging said…
allah y3afekom all

thank you thank you Anonymous. I really need some lighting, do you know a place where I can find lights other than Bo Shihri?
Anonymous said…
they are lovely 3aleech bl 3afya

do you think the exhibition still available?
Me Blogging said…
thank you
its not an exhibition, its a store so they are available.
Anonymous said…
Yes u can check almuthanna complex , there r 2 shopes one in the first floor and the other in the ground floor. i know its like going through a maze there , but just ask the security guy and i think he can be helpful.
Faith said…
I totally agree the second pic is ma shalla amazing I LOVED IT
youcompleteme said…
the first one 7ad'ha AMAZING!
zoooqa mashalla ..
3alaich bil 3afya ;*

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