One of my readers suggested that I go check out 2 photography shops in Al-Muthana for lights, and I did. But I think I made a big mistake by getting these 2 (200 watt) flashes.

Purple clutch 1
They were too strong that I ended up taking pictures like the one above :(

Purple Clutch 2

Then after watching some videos on youtube on how to take pictures of products I learned some things and shoot this picture, but as you can see the background is not white; it's a little bit purple.

Purple Clutch 3

The second shoot is perfect from the left hand side (white) but from the right hand side it is still purple.


I like this one, but still ... I have a pinkish background :(

I think I need lighting not flashes. I want to shoot like Net-a-porter images


DoDoq8 said…

`7osh 9war

mn wen shrete el wihgt box
Me Blogging said…
sharait'hoom min ma7al bel muthana esma Media, bes tara el background ele sawart feeha el aghrath kanat waseela mo nafs'ha hathe el m3afeesa
DoDoq8 said…
ahaa thanks my dear :)
teagirlq8 said…
The photos look fine, maybe your object was too close to the background and was bouncing its color onto it.

Btw how much did the flashes cost?
Me Blogging said…
the 2 flashes with the background cost me 200 KD
Mark said…
If the light is too harsh try moving them further away or reflecting them off a white wall or screen. That should soften them up.
Me Blogging said…
ohh thank you for the advice, this where I keep the lights... now my photos are way much better than before, I have changed the fstop settings and some other things and they are perfect

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