Counting the days

We are going on our yearly vacation after Ramadan and enshallah this year we will be going to Barcelona for 5 days. Now my mum and I are searching for a hotel, we came up with 2, Arts hotel and Omm Hotel . Still didn't decide which one we will stay in. While searching, we saw that W Hotel will be opening in October, unfortunately not in the time we are there, also Mandarin Oriental Hotel will be Opening but it doesn't show on their web site when exactly.

So for those who have been to Barcelona, are there any places I should not miss when I'm there?

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Unknown said…
a7san hotel (art) , fe share3 7ag elmarkat esma grasya ,lazem tro7een flamenco show mukan esma(Palacio del Flamenco) hatha yewanes and barcelona club o inshallah testanseen.
Me Blogging said…
you mean the same one I wrote about arts??? it's not in grasya street !!
Unknown said…
share3 grasya shway b3eed 3an art hotel ya3ni 10 minutes beltaxi
Anonymous said…
i haven been to art hotel , it is the best, superb service and great location near ramblas st and overlooks the marina my advice to stay there.
Noor Khraibut said…
If you want to see all Barcelona take the tour bus, the blue and red, and you will have the chance to see all the monuments, like Gaudi, Ramblas, Marina, etc. So just ask the concierge about the tour bus. so it will take almost a whole day for the tour bus. it comes every 20 min.

Ps: nice blog, keep it up.
Me Blogging said…
Khalas done
we booked in Arts hotel :)
and noor thanx

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