Cleaning with vinegar

silver cuff 2

I bought 2 silver cuffs from Souq Al-Mubarakiya the other day, that are old and dirty. I remember once, hearing my friend's mother talk about cleaning old stuff with vinegar, but I'm not sure what to add with it. So I searched the web and it turned out to be baking soda.

silver cuff

So now one of my cuffs is soaking in a half cup of white vinegar mixed with 3 teaspoons (should be 2) of baking soda . we will see the result after 2 - 3 hours


Euphoria said…
Good luck with that :P
Fastidious Babe said…
i heard lemon works too..
Breeze said…
1. Lemon + Sand.
2. Toothpaste "colgate has the best result"
7aneen said…
y not the silver cleaner ?
Me Blogging said…
wanted to try something new and see the result

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