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Baboona's new collection

Baboona 1 (2)

Last night we went to Baboona in Al-Muthana mall and we were lucky enough to see their new Ramadan collection :) they were organizing their stuff for tomorrow's opening. They have some pretty daraa's, my sister ordered one.

Baboona 1 (3)

This is my first visit to the place. Me like ... I also liked the writings on the wall. In the picture above, you can see the niddle sticking out of the wall, Niiiiiiice.

Baboona 1 (4)

Baboona 1

In Al-Muthana you have 2 stores, one for kids and the other for grown ups, in the kids store, I found a bunch of ballerina slippers that I loved so much, but they were too expensive for a pair of fabric (44KD) . I don't think that you can walk in these outdoors, the soles are too softt and made from fabric. But any way they are gorgeous.



joy said…
wow i like the writings wayed wayed
abiiiiiiii aroooo7 ymkin arooo7 elsabt etha radeet
Baboona said…
Hii Me Blogging!! Thanks for posting about our store !! just wanted to correct the price of the ballerina shoe ...its 15KD and the size is 44 :)
Me Blogging said…
Joy: eee 7ada 3ajeeb
your welcome :)
and about the shoes WOOOOW 15KD!!!
I asked the saleswomen she told me 44 KD I just noticed the picture, it's written up there 15KD GmbH

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