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HOSS at the Avenues

Hoss Boutique will be opening soon at the Avenues (Phase II) next to Patchi store. Notice the chandelier; I think the decor will be superb. Now Hoss clothing is sold in Morgan stores

Counting the days

We are going on our yearly vacation after Ramadan and enshallah this year we will be going to Barcelona for 5 days. Now my mum and I are searching for a hotel, we came up with 2, Arts hotel and Omm Hotel . Still didn't decide which one we will stay in. While searching, we saw that W Hotel will be opening in October, unfortunately not in the time we are there, also Mandarin Oriental Hotel will be Opening but it doesn't show on their web site when exactly. So for those who have been to Barcelona, are there any places I should not miss when I'm there? Photo soucre

Look I'm playing with colors

Read post below to know what is this

My Bib Necklace

Remember when I said I'm going to do my own necklace , and it is going to be inspired by Vera Wang? Well here is the result... It is made from crystals taken from our old chandelier. It is extremely heavy, don't know how I'm going to wear it. Another mistake that I have done is cutting the neckline too wide; it does not suppose to be like this. I HAVE TO WEAR IT, it took me forever to finish it.

The gift

Our friend B just gave birth to a lovely baby boy. To celebrate this event my sister made her a creative gift. First I'm going to show you the box she made then you will see the gift. She got this flower idea from a tutorial blog called Folding Trees , where it teaches you how to create stuff from paper. Now the gift ... 2 lamps , one smaller than the other, the small one has on it the baby's name and the other has the family's name. The names are laser cut. Congrats B, hope you liked it :)

Ramadan Kareem

Today is the 5th day of Ramadan, It has been a busy week, and work is exhausting, can't wait for tomorrow to come. How are you guys and how is Ramadan with you? Yesterday we went to Marina,I bought lots of stuff from By Malene Birger (Fall collection is out now) Zara and Oysho. I would love to show you what I got but I'm tired to take pictures, next time enshallah. Below is the only thing I took a picture of... Cute sequined bag from Zara, don't let the picture fools you, it's a very small bag, fits a BB and some small objects like lipstick or keys.

I hate organic food

Confashion posted about a new place called The Baking Tray, so tonight my friends and I went there to check it out. Everything they serve is organic, totally not my thing. I tried a coffee cheese cake, it was horrible. I also had a lemonade with honey in it instead of sugar, uhhh I hate natural ingredients. But the place looks amazing and I loved the atmosphere in there, I really had a great girl’s night out. We sat here

Still have nothing to wear for Ramadan?

Check out RASHA DESIGNS in Bait Lothan, where she is showcasing her new, vintage, classic, casual, original, relaxed and exquisite Kaftans and dresses under the name (Miscellaneous Exhibition). When? Today From 10:00am -1:00pm & From 5:00pm - 9:00pm

I'm into Studs and Sequins

All sold at Top Shop

9oogha from my aunt

The flower cap is made from rubber Nice mirror case

Pink or Black ... at Pick Your Tag

Remember the necklace that I made for my friend? the one inspired by Lanvin? well now it is available at Pick Your Tag .com Pick your color ... pink? or Black? Link

What's new at Goji

Got this by email today: " Goji boutique are bringing more Lauren Moshi tops. In beautiful colors, cuts and of course the most beautiful hand-drawn designs. All Lauren Moshi’s tops are produced in limited numbers and not repeated, so that all gals feel special wearing them. We brought in Katherine Kwei’s charms-key holders with China’s good-fortune animals, a koi fish, a panda and a turtle. They can also be hanged at the side of a handbag for a colorful statement. Don’t these make the nicest gift? Moreover, Thayer’s loose black silk pants are a statement by themselves and all they need is a top like Lola Faturoti’s puffed sleeved top. "

Bait Lothan

Look what I found in Bait Lothan Lovely accessories made in Turkey, and they were not that expensive too. 45KD for this necklace.

I hate sleeping early

Today I was 1 minute late for work I hate it when they send me a notification via email, I feel like a child. offffffff that means I have to change my sleeping habits. Byeee guys I'm going to sleep now :(


Tired of looking for new ideas for gergean? Then you might find this useful today a friend of mine gave me a brochure of a printing company called (Four Films) that makes Gergean Boxes, some of them are cute, take a look ... Four films Printing Group Tel: +965 24820150 Fax: +965 24823872 these are my favorite

Me like another ring

Ring by Lucy Hutchingd Price: 203 euro Sold at my wardrobe Link

I did it

I got the background to be white :) finally. I know I know some of you will say it's not completely white, but at least now I know that by time I can get it fixed. I played with something called the (fstop) in the camera and something next to it, my problem is solved. In picture: Necklace by Ibrah (meaning, my sister)

Me like

Ring by HOORSENBUHS Price : $5000 Sold at Barneys Link

Sean the sheep

see by chloe key chain, looks like Sean the sheep (BBC children TV show) :) Link


One of my readers suggested that I go check out 2 photography shops in Al-Muthana for lights, and I did. But I think I made a big mistake by getting these 2 (200 watt) flashes. They were too strong that I ended up taking pictures like the one above :( Then after watching some videos on youtube on how to take pictures of products I learned some things and shoot this picture, but as you can see the background is not white; it's a little bit purple. The second shoot is perfect from the left hand side (white) but from the right hand side it is still purple. I like this one, but still ... I have a pinkish background :( I think I need lighting not flashes. I want to shoot like Net-a-porter images GmbH