words I heard and loved

Below are a list of words my friends use to describe a particular trait or appearance, loved them all and planning to use them :)
Kashokha - كشوخة: when someone looks very elegant (doesn't matter if it was a girl or a boy), remember to stress on the "sh"
How to use it: If my Friend looks elegant and I want to complement her, I go like this " allahh elyoom 9ayra kashokha"
Cooliya - كوليه: a cool and friendly girl that can mix with anyone quickly.
How to use it: I want you to meet my friend, you are going to like her, ehya cooliya
this third word is not used by my friend, she heard someone else say it...
Mickey mousa: meaning the girl is so so cute that she looks like a cartoon character (mickey mouse)


joy said…
خبري كيوتة بس كولية جنج تقولين قوطية!!!مادري
بس عجبتني كشوووخة
Me Blogging said…
لالالا ما سمعتي إختي تقول ، كوليه ، جنها كاولية
خربت الكلمه مره وحده
Anonymous said…
waaaaaaaaay tooo tacky for my taste
i hate it when Q80s try to be sophisticated
n they come up with those ugly words
they over use 'em which makes 'em even more uglier
.......people GET A LIFE :P

p.s:be brave n publish my comment ;)
Me Blogging said…
I am brave enough to say I love these tacky words :)
Bahrain Fashion said…
lol.. I'll start usin' them XD
Anonymous said…
واي حبيبتي عليج سوالف
تدرين اعجبوني الكلمات ونستيني بهذا البوست بعد يوم كئيب
نسيت أقول شي اشدعوه عليج كوني شجاعة كلها كلمات

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