What I bought from Lebanon

what I bought (6)

what I bought

2 large clutches from Cream Boutique, it was difficult to choose from all the range of colors and shapes they had, I wanted to get them all.

what I bought (4)

I'm obsessed with the evil eye

When I returned back to Kuwait, Cream boutique announced a 40% sale in their facebook page :(

what I bought (1)

from Johnny Farah store

what I bought (3)

Can you fashionistas tell me which brand these shoes looks like?

what I bought (5)

Another eye, I got this for 40$ from a store in Alai, I also found slippers that look exactly like my yellow ones but with a chanel logo instead of the eye :)

what I bought (2)

A cuff from the small shops in the exihibitions in Solidaire by Nada Zeineth


Fastidious Babe said…
fabulous buys! looks like u had a blast! and the shoes are zanotti look alikes xD
أفراح said…
حبيت الاغراض بس أحلى شي الوردي بوعيون عجبني
من نتعلم الموضة يا حلوة
Bahrain Fashion said…
All is fab, mashala. And especially the second clutch in shocking pink. Very on trend with fall'09. It was seen all over Dolce and Michael Kors!!

And the cuff is amazing!!
Noorie said…
Why didnt you buy the large neone clutches withy huge bows from cream? Theyre gorgeous. And the evil eye shoe, they didnt have my size! into evil eyes tooooo! 3alaich bil3afya ;p
star said…
nice thouqich 7elo mashallah

3alich bil 3afia
Me Blogging said…
YES :) they are Zanotti's

eee shiftee ana sayra kila bo 3yon

Bahrain fashion:
ohhh really pick in dolce !! I didn't notice, havet to see the shows again

allah y3afeech
I wnated to buy the bow clutch, but actually I got these 2 large clutches to use for my meetings at work. I wanted something big to fit A4 paper

mashkoora :)
allah y3afeech
LJ said…
i like the cuff..
xx-LJ from SOS!
Confashion said…
Bil 3afiya. I have the same as one of your purchased flats! ;)
Anonymous said…
plz men aya ma7al men lebanon did u buy this shoes with eye ?
be aya manta2a w sho 2esem ma7al ? did them have group @ facebook ?

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