Today is not my lucky day


Today I planned to go to a Daraa' store in Qurtoba Mall called Haifa after lunch, meaning at 4:30 - 5, because they promised me yesterday that they are going to bring the style I liked in my size and in a variety of colors too. After lunch is my sleeping time, I hate going out in the afternoon, I'm always cranky, but I had to go in this hour because I wanna go walking at 7:00.

Went into the store....
No daraa'
ME: Why?
Women: The guy whom supposes to bring in the stuff didn't come yet, go do something else until he arrives.
ME: ohh well I have some clothes that needs alteration, and I need to pass by the salon too, great, see ya then. byeeeeee

Went in...
ME (taking out my clothes and laying them on the table to explain): Here are some stuff I wanna fix
Man: Noo madame, we don't do alteration
ME: haaaa what???? Then what do u do?
The man ignored me and kept on sewing with his stupid machine

Ok, I'll pass by Retro Salon now
Went in ...
Me: hello... I need to fix my eye brows please
Women: Ohhhhh sorry, the lady that does that is not in today
@@ You better be kidding me.
ME: I'm not going any where, I’m fed up, I’m going to sit here and wait for the driver
Women: ok you are welcome

While I was sitting on the sofa BBM-ing my sister about these horrible events, a bright color from far away caught my eyes....I walked toward it and held the glass container and started examining the lovely bright pink nail polish.
wow I liked this color, I don't think I have this shade, I should get one, went to the lady and just when I was about to ask her…
She said: this nail polish is not for sale
Of course, of course, why should it be?

The driver didn’t come, no daraa’ for today, maybe tomorrow.
Went to another place to fix my clothes and to another salon to fix my eye brows. Also went walking at 7:30, as planned, perfect, I am happy now :)


joy said…
am glad that at the end u were happy thaat is whats important
Bahrain Fashion said…
AA!! Eshda3wa. But good thing you got your happy ending ;)
3awashaa said…
don't forget to show us your new daraaa3aaaa .. la2ana thoooooqech 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb
Web Weaver said…
I always thought if you planned your day... it is bound to get all wrong! I've learned from my mother in law is how to go with the flow ;p
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i dont like this style dra3ah make a girl look shapeless
Me Blogging said…
Joy: ee chan mit

BF: yes :)

3awasha: waaaay mashkora akhjaltoom tawatho3na, tara ele abeeha the same as the green one in the picture but in orange, and I will make it short, like a dress

Web Weaver: ee wallah go with the flow

Anonymous 1: wee laish allah yhadach, mo ashbahi

Anonymous 2: sa7 kalamich, like a pregnant women, bes khal nshoof if i make it shorter would it look more appealing

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