Test # 3

640 x 427

I'm going crazy over the size of pictures I will be posting in the future.
at work my blog looked hideous, all messed up, maybe that's why a lot of readers didn't respond to the change, I'm thinking they don't wanna hurt my feelings.
I have done some changes to the layout width and again to the pictures.
Promise this will be the last Testing post.

Now, this is the medium size
Tell me, what do u think? is this better?
640 x 427 pix.
I like them big , so I can look into detail without clicking to enlarge


Anonymous said…
This size is fine, not too big not small either.
star said…
now it's better

good job

Unknown said…
ee zain it's better ;)
chatterbox said…
this size is perfect :)
Anonymous said…
seriously go back to the smaller size walla kan mratab ! w saree3
أفراح said…
هذا الحجم واايد حلو ومناسب الثاني كبير وايد مخرب شكل الصفحة
Anonymous said…
good size ,better display

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