Test # 2


This is in Habtoor Mall in Lebanon

Now tell me what do you think of the picture size? is that ok? because next time I will be using this size for all my posts

Picture Above was taken by my small Canon camera (PowerShot)

below was taken by my SLR camera

flower 800 x 533

I think there is a difference between cameras

Update: changed picture size to medium, now what do u think?


Anonymous said…
Me Blogging said…
you mean you like it this way? sa7?
7aneen said…
nice ! which cam did u use for the second ?
Me Blogging said…
I used Canon 450D
Anonymous said…
waid big
Anonymous said…
مادري بس حسيتهم وايد كبيره الصورة الحجم الأولي أحلى
وأنتي كيفج يا حلوه :)
Anonymous said…
Yeaah i mean i like the large one!

C Ya! :)

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