off to Lebanon

My sister and I will be leaving tomorrow to the land of zexy creatures (as Poached puts it) . Sooooo excited, we will be staying there for 4 days.
picture taken by my daddy - our garden


Anonymous said…
star said…
waw mashallah nice view

Anonymous said…
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai madry shet7uboon fe hal deerah
we own a house fee man6aqa esemha mishref there web7ayati ma re7t wala afaker aroo7
besalamah o have fin ;)
ME said…
alah ysalimkom

and anonymous 3:
tara twanes, bes max. 3 days.
and this is our first time for my sister and I to go to our house :)
and enshalah we are going to have fun, aham shay mako dawam :)
Bahrain Fashion said…
Have fun.. And take lots of pics XD
Anonymous said…
mafy man6aqah esmha mishref fe lebanon!
mogama3 etamden ely samoh mishref
Anonymous said…
Anonymous as i said i have never been bas i know for sure min ahali enna our house is in mishref
its a gated community very exclosive
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
ashrafya maybe?
Anonymous said…
mogama3 mishref is in falogha the best spot in lebanon where our apparetement is there
and yes it is exclusive
Anonymous said…
and ashrfyah is in beiuret it is hot area
but falogha is very nice place
Anonymous said…
حبيبتي ترجعون بالسلامة نكمل سالفتنا لما ترجعين سلميلي على أختج
راح اشتاقلج
Anonymous said…
ay man6ega ur house???
Abdullah said…
LOL !!

BY the way, amazing garden mashalla, have fun and do tell us "whats good" hmm ? :P
Me Blogging said…
baitna fe mokan b3eed 3an bairoot eb 45 minutes, bel jabal

thanx abdulllah

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