New collection from Ibrah

Ibrah's new collection will be available at Melange Boutique in 360 Mall


Anonymous said…
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joy said…
wow i hope u go global with this ya rab so delicate work so well finished very nice
best of luck dears :)
Sn3a said…
mashallah 3alaikom
keep up
7aneen said…
Wow awal mara ashof hal blog, dunno y i never heard of it before coz its amazing! So do u make those headbands? I've seen them before and the finishing is top-notch!
ME said…
thank you all

and 7aneen:
mashkora wayed :)
my sister makes these headbands
did you really see them before? where?
7aneen said…
Yea, I've seen them on confashion's blog and I thought they were photoshoped coz the finishing was too good to be true! Then I saw them in this small store in Karizma and I was amazed how good they look in real life!
ME said…
hehehhe you really made me laugh when u said I thought they were photoshoped

glad you liked my little sister's work
Unknown said…
heey girl ,
i was wondering is it possible to make a headband 3ala 7sab elcolor eli abeeh?

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