Nail SPA in Qurtoba


Nailicious is a new nail SPA in Qurtoba mall – in front of the Coop. The place is tiny but neat and quiet. It fits like 6 people; they have a large collection of colors. If you live in Qurtoba and don't want to go someplace far, this will be the perfect place for you. Give them a try and tell us about your experience.
Tel: 25325650


joy said…
i wqw some grls posting about it in facebook any reviews??
Bahrain Fashion said…
For 6 people.. it'll be nice to book it for a pre b-day celebration! XD
DoDoq8 said…
نااايس :)

خوش مكان
7aneen said…
ooh ,, i wana c it ! its about time,
Me Blogging said…
hii joy missed you girl

Bahrain Fashion:
Nice ... never thought of it

haaaa :) is it like N style ?

la Qurtoba sayra kashkha :p

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