Melange Soft Opening

Come Celebrate the soft opening of Melange, the trendiest accessories destination, at the 360 Mall. Sunday July 5th from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Brands Melange carries:

- Rachel Leigh

- Le catogan

- Jane Tran

- Colette Malouf

- Tarina Trantino

- Jennifer Ouellette

- Rachel Weissman


Anonymous said…
where is it located?
Me Blogging said…
in 360 mall (new mall opening tomorrow) above mark and spencer
Anonymous said…
nice thaaanks aloot :D
Anonymous said…
me I want rings, you know merry kate style? where
Me Blogging said…
well I don't know where but I like this one by CC SKYE check out link below

you might like it

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