Me like this necklace

Casa Maroc - small

From Casa Maroc at the avenues, if I'm not mistaken it was 70 KD

Casa Maroc - small 2


Web Weaver said…
I think its over priced for three spheres. check out Robert Lee Morris sphere necklace in gold and silver at NM.I love it! and also Ranijana Khan she has interesting designs.
Me Blogging said…
Yes they are, and when I asked why, they told me they were gold plated.
Ahhhhh Robert's necklace is to die for. I also loved Ranijana's work, some of it.

I'm trying to creat something like this. coz every necklace I like (bib necklace) is sold for 500 KD or more
Web Weaver said…
When you creat something like this do one for me too ;p
you can take it too souq althahab they have artisan warshas that can make it for you, and its good to invest in something solid. You can resell it again or melt it and do another design ;))

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