In Milano

Armani Hotel 2

Remember when I told you about Armani Hotel in Milano, well here is a picture of the place under construction, taken by my cousin, thank you ZoZo.

Milano 1

and because I Loooooove shoes, she took this picture for me, but she is not sure what brand they are, I'm thinking....Sergio Rossi? I've seen clear heels before at Marc Jacobs, are they marc's?
Update: They were Costume National shoes

Milano 2

Sunglasses from Moschino


Bahrain Fashion said…
I want to check out the Armani hotel in Dubai and Kuwait's Missoni hotel.

Those Moschino sunnies look hot, btw!!
Me Blogging said…
unfortunatley Missoni Hotel is not open yet :(
Fastidious Babe said…
gotta say i love the big pix! xx

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