I sold my bags

Pre-loved bag

I remember a year ago reading a post on Confashion about a company that buys your bag and re-sell it.

I wanna have some space in my closet for my new bags so I decided to call them up and see what I can sell. They are called Pre-Loved Bag, When mum heard what I'm about to do, she was like "sell your bags!!!!!!!! Just give them away, it's not worth selling them" I can't give them away :( I just can't.

Anyway I called them up (didn't thought they were still in business) and I've learned that they only accept well known brands, like LVs and Chanels, which I don't own, so my Luella bag, Miu Miu and Cavalli's are out, but they accept Gucci bags, ohh well I have lots of those.

To make a long story short, I send them pictures of my bags by email, they choose the ones they want and the next day their driver came to pick them up from our house, they examined them and gave me the final pricing. Red Gucci 7 KD, Pink Gucci 18 KD and the small Bottega bag is for 80 KD

if the Bottega was going for 80 KD, khalas ... SOLD

I hope my bags will find someone who will love them like I did.

If you are interested, check out their web site for more information Link

pre-loved bag


Journal Entries said…
7asafaaaaaa why did u sell the bottega?? its a classic matroo7 habbat'ha =/
star said…

zain sawaitai ;)

by the way I have a luella bag and still luv it

and wouldn't think of selling it
Anonymous said…
ur bags were in very good condition
really 7asafa

i was thinking of selling from my vintage lvs but with those prices!!

i would rather to donate them
Me Blogging said…
A Journal Entry:
I love my Bottega, but one u come to think about it, I will not carry something I had 3 or 4 seasons bag I have my new ones to carry.
shway 7asaftene

which one u have? I got a purple one with studs

I don't know how much the LV's will be priced?
joy said…
i cant be taht stong to give away my bags
7itta if it costed me 100 fills :(
good for u
Anonymous said…
I was thinking to do the same but they bought them really cheap,,, I think I will keep giving my old bags to my cousins, teenagers loves changeing.
Anonymous said…
i know this is old post but juz the same i wanted to say hello if your cleaning ur closet again..i would be more than happy have (ur bag..)them jejeje actually i was shoched when ive seen preloved bags in fb since their claiming they got the bags from the owner for more than 100 kd! so if anyone in here selling i coud be ur potential buyer :) & would love ur bags the way u do! remember share ur blessing! hahaha..email me @ akashadamnqueen@gmail.com
tnx, ciao!

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