The gloves


I'm cleaning my Favorite list on my laptop now and found this, a blogger called Sky Turtle ,who posted about these jeweled gloves by Valentino.
I remember looking for them online, when I first saw them in Official magazine but didn't find anything that leads me to them, accept this blog.

When we were in Dubai I asked about these gloves in Valentino Boutique, but they told me they were only for the fashion show, they don’t sell them. Too bad, keep your eyes wide open I think gloves are going to be the trend for this season and seasons to come.


Web Weaver said…
They do look amazing! what's the chance of replicating it? get some golves, and take them somewhere to apply the strass.
Me Blogging said…
I thought of it, but don't know how to do it, the jewels in these gloves are big and sparkly, where can I find them? ans the glove too?
Web Weaver said…
The glove looks like satin or leather. Etian Agner must have gloves so does LV and Chanel or Celine. There is a place in Free Trade Zone area which specializes in bedazzling stuff, from mobiles to handbags and shoes and even clothes. But let me look for their card and I'll give you their number.
If not.. you can always print the pic, go to blokat man6aqat el aqmesha and they have some nice cristals. Take it to elkhayat and he can do it for you.
Me Blogging said…
this is the problem I don't wanna play with an expensive glove. and cut the fingers too. but anyway, I'm going to look for a way to do it. I will be thankful if you find the phone number of place in free trade zone
8bits said…
I actually think they'll make a great DIY project, I might just give them a try. I think they'll even give a boring coat the sparkle it might just need :)

Lovely blog you have here, by the way :)

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