The gift

This is my gift basket to my friend Rawan
The necklace below is one of the gifts that I made for her, it has been a long time since I made something.

Inspired by Lanvin Necklace



Anonymous said…
Wawwww nice work ;)

u know , I think u should start a business or ur own , try using different material , like leather for the nickles.
Web Weaver said…
Mashallah it looks really nice. ;p
You really should think about doing an accessories line ;)
joy said…
walla nice nd cute bas ma gelty what else in the gift sheft on hairband and ur necklce what else makeup bag?
Me Blogging said…
allah ysalmich gardenia

Anonymous and web weaver, chan zain we can have an accessories line, we are trying (my sister and I) with Ibrah

there is the japanese girls mygm as you can see, I went to buy the collection the day after you post about them :)
and yes there are 2 bags that you can use for make up and hand made Thoub salat, key chain
Unknown said…
mashallah it's fab ;) really you should do an accessories line :)
Anonymous said…
the mug is soooo cute, may I ask where did u get it from?
Me Blogging said…
I got the mug from center point
7adhom eyshawgon il japanese girls
Kee kee said…
love the necklace i want one x
Me Blogging said…
Kee Kee:
Its available at
only in yellow color

below is the link for the website:

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