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The day I gained 1000 Kilos

On Thursday at work my friends and I were in mood for cookies. So we called The cookie bag to order some...uhhhh this is what I call chewy cookies. My favourite White chocolate and macademia, I ate them all and kept one for the morning to start my day with. I've tried the Mocha, didn't like them, but that won't stop me from eating them :)

if you are a cookie lover, you have to try these Tel.:99925566


Fastidious Babe said…
they look good! bl3afya xx
DoDoq8 said…

ana daite :(
Anonymous said…
They look attractive :)
but how was the delivery , I faced a problem with them getting to my address.
Bahrain Fashion said…
Looks yummy.. wish I was in Kuwait ;)
ME said…
Allah ey3afeech

ohhh ya kirh el rejeeem

offff yes the delivery was bad...but I think we made a mistake on not telling them that we are in Kuwait City, and I think the women who talked to us on the phone didn't understand where we are exactly and told him something else.

Bahrain Fashion:
wish u were here so we can meet u :)
star said…
yum yum

3alikom bel 3afyaa
Aaahhhhhh shakla eyanen!
bel3fya ;p
Nouf said…
Thank you so much for the positive review, we are so happy that you enjoyed our cookies. We apologize for any inconvenience regarding the delivery hopefully next time you not have this problem. If you have any comments please let us now through our facebook group email...our customers opinion is of importance to us. Thank you

The Cookie Bag Team
ME said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Me Blogging said…
you are welcome Nouf
Anonymous said…
Mashfo7a 3ala el akel chenech mo shayfa 5air wala taklen @@
Me Blogging said…
hahahha ee walla shiftay

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