Bait Sedra

After reading confashion's post about Glow Boutique Ramadan exhibition at Bait Sedra, I went there the next day. Loved their collection and was confused on what to choose. Finally ... after BBM-ing my sister for half an hour I decided on one.
While I was there, some canvases hanging in on the wall caught my eyes... (pictures below). It turned out to be Bait Sedra's collection of house hold items that they sell. The lady working there told me they cost KD 120 each.

By the way the exhibition is extended, they will be there on Sat. from 7:30-9:00 pm . In case you can't go, you can check their facebook account (Glow Boutique) and send them your info & the number of the dress you want and they will get it ready for you.


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