Badoura's Creation

My sister's friend Badoura made this Headband for her brother's Milcha (wedding)...BRAVA BADOURA BRAVA

I am speechless, how did she think of doing it???

She placed these crystals one by one on the fabric and created this lovely huge flower headband. Mashallah.


Unknown said…
waied 7elo mashallah ;)
7aneeen said…
oooh pretty mashalla !! the crystals look as nice as the ones on Gina shoes !
Design 7elo mashala.. bas isnit it a big big to wear? like for anything? ella etha 3ers? ;p
mashallah it's SOOOOO PRETTY and Unique
Bahrain Fashion said…
simply gorgeous.. :)
Ļa ƒéммé said…
mashallah fnanah :D

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