Ashi's latest collection

Ashi (2)

ELLE Oriental magazine has featured the young Saudi fashion designer Mohammed Ashi's latest collection in it's july 2009 issue.

Ashi (3)

Ashi (4)

Ashi (13)

Ashi (14)

Ashi (6)

Ashi (7)

Ashi (8)

Ashi (9)

Ashi (11)

Ashi (12)

photography: Vincent Sannier
make-up: Christian
hair styler: Romeo
want to know more about Ashi Link


Bahrain Fashion said…
Elle Oriental is a liban edition?!! It should be in English and sold all over the middle east, no? I want it!

And M Ashi's collection is uber-exquisite :)
curlz said…
Hi, thanx for the post , i really liked his collection do you know where i can find it, or his website plz

ME Blogging said…
Bahrain fashion:
yes it is liban edition, and it is in french

he has no website, but I have his email( I got it from Confashion

I emailed him to see where his shop is in Lebanonm he gave me his phone number and told me to call him for appointment if I want to visit. But I ddin't have any party or something to look for a dress
Sweet Revenge said…
Very creative ,thankx :)
ashi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ashi said…
Ayesha said…
hey name iz alsoo ashi khan i recently started blogger.. and made a site i would like you 2 av a look n tell me hoz ma work..lazest fashion of all over da world..!!
plzz need ur commtzz!!
thank you!!
Me Blogging said…
Hi ayesha
My name is not Ashi, this is the designer's name

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