360 Mall - Part 2

Om Kalthoum exhibition

it was all dark inside, Faroo7a and my sister didn't like the atmosphere, they made me feel depressed

I don't like Om Kalthoum, So I wasn't feeling "ohhh wow these are her stuff"

Her dresses were sooooo tinny, I can't believe she was that thin

and some of them look modern

These buttons look like the ones on miu miu jackets, do they have buttons like these before ???!!!!!!

I think these dresses were made by Khalid Al-Masri, inspired by Om Kalthoum, I was looking for his name to make sure but didn't find it.

The end :)


Anonymous said…
ya36eech el 3afya
inta wa7da min el bloggers elly lazem 3ala el aqal etnazleen 2-3 blog aday
amoot 3alaich :)
ME said…
allah y3afeech :)
Anonymous said…
i think you dont like her because u dnt understand her music!

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