360 Mall - Part 1

I wanted to write about the newly opened mall 360 long time ago, but my pictures were scattered all around my PC, Blackberry, small camera, and laptop. Now I managed to have them all in one place to post about it.

The first time I went to 360 was one day before it's opening to visit one of my relatives who has a store there and help her with the display and stuff. So we didn't get the chance to explore, we went 2 times in the afternoon and at night, the place looked miserable, it's all dusty and messy, nothing was completed, how are they going to open? there is no clean entrance, the stores are still empty and everything is just incomplete.

here at 10:00 pm you can see the workers removing the papers covering the carpets. I didn't thought that they could make it....but eventually they did....

The second time I went there was with my friends, on the third day of the mall's opening, It was crowded, I waited half an hour just to reach the mall, people were parking outside while the 2 story parking was empty (as you can see from the picture below).

our plan was to take a look around the new mall, but since I arrived late and my friends had already finished their tour and wanted to eat, I couldn't see what it looks like. So we sat in Zahrat Al-Laymoun - زهرة الليمون, a Lebanese restaurant. it wasn't that good. I didn't eat a thing, I only drank my Turkish coffee ... oohh yah and had lemon juice with mint (that was delicious).

The third time was with another friend (Faroo7a) in an attempt to explore the mall, khalasssss.

I was shocked @@ it's very small, I thought we are going to walk a lot, but it took us only 10 minutes to see the whole place :(

Anyways at that time Om Kalthoum exhibition was opened for public so we went in ........

and tomorrow you will see the rest :)


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