Friday, July 31, 2009

The gloves


I'm cleaning my Favorite list on my laptop now and found this, a blogger called Sky Turtle ,who posted about these jeweled gloves by Valentino.
I remember looking for them online, when I first saw them in Official magazine but didn't find anything that leads me to them, accept this blog.

When we were in Dubai I asked about these gloves in Valentino Boutique, but they told me they were only for the fashion show, they don’t sell them. Too bad, keep your eyes wide open I think gloves are going to be the trend for this season and seasons to come.

Glow Boutique

Glow boutique

I got my dress from Glow Boutique yesterday and it looked amazing when I tried it on (it needed alteration). Actually it's not a boutique, there used to be an exhibition in Bait Sedra and I got my dress from the owner's house.

Check out there facebook account, they have a lovely collection of colorful embroidered dresses.


uterque 1

uterque 2

Remember my Dries van noten cuff that I got from Dubai?
Well this one looks exactly like if from Uterque at the Avenues
Price tag: 49 KD, mine was 40 KD after discount of course

Cuff uterque

This is another cuff that I'm adding to my collection of cuffs :)
price: 26.500 KD

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I finally got my things from Denmark


For people who deosn't like detail:
I ordered some stuff from (BY Milene Birger) in Denmark on April, got it on July. My dear sister went today to bring it from Kaifan post. Lesson learned (always go to Kifan post in the morning to claim your stuff if it was sent by a local posting service, it will never be sent to your home)

For people who likes detail:
The Danish brand (By Milene Birger) is my favorite for this season, the entire collection was amazing, can't get enough of her clothes. Their boutique is located in Marina Mall, I always go their every once in a while to see what they have and one day I fell in love with a multi color shoes that wraps around the ankle, but unfortunately they didn't have these in my size. So I said to myself "no worries, I can order it online" When I surfed the net for it, couldn't find it.. So I decided to order it from the source (Denmark) from their boutique instead of wasting time looking for online shopping sites. uhhh little do I know.

I ordered it on April, and I got it on July.


For the saleswomen to understands what I want took her like 2 weeks. I ordered the shoes that I saw in Kuwait and a dress I saw while browsing that wasn't available in Kuwait.

I don't remember why they didn't accept my credit card, they wanted me to transfer the money to their bank account and I transferred it online based on the information they gave me. But that took another month, where I thought the processes will just take 3 days.

when they received the money, they made a big mistake by sending the items through their Danish post. Everybody knows in Kuwait, if you send a package by a local post either it get lost or stolen in Kuwait. I tracked the package but all it shows is that it left Denmark on the 10th of June that's it.

I got so annoyed and tired from calling them all the time and asking about it. I even called the danish post and they told me to check with the our post.

where is that exactly??? then I remembered, I used to order stuff from china, some of it get delivered home and some stays in Kaifan post and they always call me to claim my stuff.

While I was searching the net for their phone number, I found a girl who posted her experience with Kuwait post; she had the same problem as mine. And she recommended that you go to the post and look for your stuff. So I went there, but in the afternoon, where the guys don't work. offffff khalas I'm sick of it. I can't take it any more.

Forgot about them for a week, called them the next, but all they do is take the tracking number and never call me back. I did this like 3 times and no use. I couldn't go in the morning because I was extremely busy at work. just last night my sister offered to go in the morning to look for it.

AND FINALLY it was there, all she had to do is give them the tracking number along with my ID and that's it. huh

What have we learned now?

Lesson # 1: always stress on sending stuff on DHL
Lesson # 2: never wait for Kuwait post to bring you your package go to them.

MB (3)

I can't show you the dress, because I want my friends and family to see me wearing a new thing that they haven't seen before :)

MB (2)

of course everything is on sale now, so these shoes you can find in Kuwait on sale, but I think they only have big sizes



Enjoyed the movie BIG TIME, it was sooo funny.
Advice, never watch any movie trailer; it always ruins it for you. All I knew about G-Force is that it topped Harry Potter in the box office.
They played all of my favorite songs, have to download the soundtrack.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


HE 2

HE 1

HE by Mango (menswear) is now open at 360 mall, love their grey jeans and neon belts.


and of course Mango's womenswear is there next to it, I liked this branch, it's more organized, not like their avenues branch.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today is not my lucky day


Today I planned to go to a Daraa' store in Qurtoba Mall called Haifa after lunch, meaning at 4:30 - 5, because they promised me yesterday that they are going to bring the style I liked in my size and in a variety of colors too. After lunch is my sleeping time, I hate going out in the afternoon, I'm always cranky, but I had to go in this hour because I wanna go walking at 7:00.

Went into the store....
No daraa'
ME: Why?
Women: The guy whom supposes to bring in the stuff didn't come yet, go do something else until he arrives.
ME: ohh well I have some clothes that needs alteration, and I need to pass by the salon too, great, see ya then. byeeeeee

Went in...
ME (taking out my clothes and laying them on the table to explain): Here are some stuff I wanna fix
Man: Noo madame, we don't do alteration
ME: haaaa what???? Then what do u do?
The man ignored me and kept on sewing with his stupid machine

Ok, I'll pass by Retro Salon now
Went in ...
Me: hello... I need to fix my eye brows please
Women: Ohhhhh sorry, the lady that does that is not in today
@@ You better be kidding me.
ME: I'm not going any where, I’m fed up, I’m going to sit here and wait for the driver
Women: ok you are welcome

While I was sitting on the sofa BBM-ing my sister about these horrible events, a bright color from far away caught my eyes....I walked toward it and held the glass container and started examining the lovely bright pink nail polish.
wow I liked this color, I don't think I have this shade, I should get one, went to the lady and just when I was about to ask her…
She said: this nail polish is not for sale
Of course, of course, why should it be?

The driver didn’t come, no daraa’ for today, maybe tomorrow.
Went to another place to fix my clothes and to another salon to fix my eye brows. Also went walking at 7:30, as planned, perfect, I am happy now :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nail SPA in Qurtoba


Nailicious is a new nail SPA in Qurtoba mall – in front of the Coop. The place is tiny but neat and quiet. It fits like 6 people; they have a large collection of colors. If you live in Qurtoba and don't want to go someplace far, this will be the perfect place for you. Give them a try and tell us about your experience.
Tel: 25325650

The Girl At The Video Game Store

Funny video, loved how they change her clothes like in video games when they change character's clothes.

I sold my bags

Pre-loved bag

I remember a year ago reading a post on Confashion about a company that buys your bag and re-sell it.

I wanna have some space in my closet for my new bags so I decided to call them up and see what I can sell. They are called Pre-Loved Bag, When mum heard what I'm about to do, she was like "sell your bags!!!!!!!! Just give them away, it's not worth selling them" I can't give them away :( I just can't.

Anyway I called them up (didn't thought they were still in business) and I've learned that they only accept well known brands, like LVs and Chanels, which I don't own, so my Luella bag, Miu Miu and Cavalli's are out, but they accept Gucci bags, ohh well I have lots of those.

To make a long story short, I send them pictures of my bags by email, they choose the ones they want and the next day their driver came to pick them up from our house, they examined them and gave me the final pricing. Red Gucci 7 KD, Pink Gucci 18 KD and the small Bottega bag is for 80 KD

if the Bottega was going for 80 KD, khalas ... SOLD

I hope my bags will find someone who will love them like I did.

If you are interested, check out their web site for more information Link

pre-loved bag

Friday, July 24, 2009

Me like this necklace

Casa Maroc - small

From Casa Maroc at the avenues, if I'm not mistaken it was 70 KD

Casa Maroc - small 2

Buffalo's are now at the Avenues


Buffalo's restaurant is now open at the avenues next to Fridays. I love their jalapeno pepper that comes with the sweet red sauce. So if you don't find a place in Fridays you can go to Buffalo's, they serve the same dishes.

Mardin - a new website in Kuwait

Mardin Store

Mardin Store is a new online shopping website in Kuwait that offers select collections of apparel and electronics. Guys who love Abercrombie & Fitch have to check it out.

Goji's BLOWOUT sale

goji front

Reductions up to 60% on spring - summer fashion and amazing accessories at Goji's Boutique.

Also check out House of Harlow collection of bracelets and necklaces and the fabulous All by N scarves, more colorful and playful than ever!

house of harlow 1960

Me like this necklace by House of Harlow 1960 , it says in the describtion that this necklace is set in a way that one part drops at the front and the other stays at the back of the neck, like a scarf :), nice. only 29 KD.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I bought from Lebanon

what I bought (6)

what I bought

2 large clutches from Cream Boutique, it was difficult to choose from all the range of colors and shapes they had, I wanted to get them all.

what I bought (4)

I'm obsessed with the evil eye

When I returned back to Kuwait, Cream boutique announced a 40% sale in their facebook page :(

what I bought (1)

from Johnny Farah store

what I bought (3)

Can you fashionistas tell me which brand these shoes looks like?

what I bought (5)

Another eye, I got this for 40$ from a store in Alai, I also found slippers that look exactly like my yellow ones but with a chanel logo instead of the eye :)

what I bought (2)

A cuff from the small shops in the exihibitions in Solidaire by Nada Zeineth

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Milano

Armani Hotel 2

Remember when I told you about Armani Hotel in Milano, well here is a picture of the place under construction, taken by my cousin, thank you ZoZo.

Milano 1

and because I Loooooove shoes, she took this picture for me, but she is not sure what brand they are, I'm thinking....Sergio Rossi? I've seen clear heels before at Marc Jacobs, are they marc's?
Update: They were Costume National shoes

Milano 2

Sunglasses from Moschino

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ashi's latest collection

Ashi (2)

ELLE Oriental magazine has featured the young Saudi fashion designer Mohammed Ashi's latest collection in it's july 2009 issue.

Ashi (3)

Ashi (4)

Ashi (13)

Ashi (14)

Ashi (6)

Ashi (7)

Ashi (8)

Ashi (9)

Ashi (11)

Ashi (12)

photography: Vincent Sannier
make-up: Christian
hair styler: Romeo
want to know more about Ashi Link

Test # 3

640 x 427

I'm going crazy over the size of pictures I will be posting in the future.
at work my blog looked hideous, all messed up, maybe that's why a lot of readers didn't respond to the change, I'm thinking they don't wanna hurt my feelings.
I have done some changes to the layout width and again to the pictures.
Promise this will be the last Testing post.

Now, this is the medium size
Tell me, what do u think? is this better?
640 x 427 pix.
I like them big , so I can look into detail without clicking to enlarge

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another bride in the streets of Lebanon


update: changed picture size to medium

Test # 2


This is in Habtoor Mall in Lebanon

Now tell me what do you think of the picture size? is that ok? because next time I will be using this size for all my posts

Picture Above was taken by my small Canon camera (PowerShot)

below was taken by my SLR camera

flower 800 x 533

I think there is a difference between cameras

Update: changed picture size to medium, now what do u think?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is a test

crochet rings

I wanted to post large images from a long time, just now I knew how, all thanx to Liene LINK

crochet rings

but this is not the sizes I want, the first one is huge and the second is just blahh
I will try somthing else now.

Exhibitions in Solidaire

Most of Lebanon's small boutiques were exhibiting their products in Solidaire, infront of Aishti store, like Sara bag, Nada Zeineth and Emme.

Large canvas ... that is transformed into a bag. I saw these bags in Cream Boutique in Saifi village.

cute T-Shirt

Loved the chandeliers and how paint is dripping from them